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Troubleshooting Tips
Propane conversion troubleshooting and tuning.
Why won't it start?
The first thing to check for is any vacuum leaks. Check to make sure the propane solenoid has power even when it is cranking over. It is normal for it to crank a few seconds before it starts. It helps to hold the throttle down half way until is starts.
What should I do about my ignition timing?
With propane it can be advanced more than on gasoline. Every engine should be "drive timed" meaning that it gets driven under full accelerating and the timing slightly advanced each time. If it's too far it can run hot, hard start, and idle rough. Each adjustment will get beter and better throttle response and power. Keep advancing it until it doesn't make any improvements then back it down a small amount.
I have low power and/or sometimes my tank freezes up?
If the tank is installed improperly or the liquid tube inside the tank is damaged it can cause this. On the forklift cylinders the fuel connection to the vehicle should point at 5'oclock. The tanks have an excess flow valve built into them that will stop fuel flow. To reset it turn it off and slowly open it.
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