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Street Propane Conversions.

Each and every kit we sell is perfectly at home on the street. In fact, this is the original application for these parts. The propane conversion for vehicles has been around for a long time. With the introduction of fuel injection and lower gasoline prices, auto manufacturers as well as the government have made it very complicated and expensive to do these modern , E.F.I. vehicles.
There is no reason however that older, carbureted engines should not benefit from the advantages of propane.
If you have an older, carbureted vehicle, and your local emissions laws allow it, this kit is perfectly legal to run on the roads. Each and every component in our kit is D.O.T. approved and as long as it's installed according to our instructions, meets NFPA 58 installation standards for vehicle use.
Fuel mileage is expected to be 10 percent less than gas for street conversions.
We sometimes recommend the dual fuel kits for street use as it gives you the ability to switch back to gasoline if you run low on propane.

High Performance Propane Conversion
48 Gallon motorfuel tank from a wrecking yard
Motor Fuel Propane Tanks
The big thing about doing a street propane conversion is having a tank big enough to do the job. This is the reason pickup trucks, delivery trucks, etc make good conversions. Below I have examples of the two types of motorfuel tanks. The top one is a 40 gallon tank that was bought used at a local wrecking yard. It bolts into the truck's bed.
The bottom tank is an under mount tank found used that has been fitted to a motorhome. It has a remote fill and holds approximately 22 gallons of propane.

Note: We do Not sell these kinds of tanks. We recommend finding a used one from a wrecking yard.

Propane Motor Fuel Tank mounted underneath a motor home
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Mercedes Benz Unimog that runs on Propane