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Available Custom Propane Kits
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These kits are for carbureted engines only. They are street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it. You must check with them as we do not know each state's laws.

We do not sell kits for fuel injected cars and trucks. We specialize in carbureted vehicles.

All kits come complete with all fuel hoses and fittings, instructions, and tech support as well as tank mounting brackets!

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Toyota Dual Fuel 4 Barrel Jeep Samurai 1 Barrel 2 Barrel Unimog High Horsepower
Toyota Truck 22R and 22RE Propane Conversion Kits
Toyota Truck Propane Conversion Kits with 22r or 22re motors

A completed, installed kit.
Toyota 22R Propane kits
Our conversion kits are specially designed for carbureted Toyota 22R truck motors, and are designed for simple installation using your existing carburetor throttle plates. These are excellent propane conversions - very simple and clean. There is no loss in power, in fact most customers report back an increase in power! We test run and tune each and every one of these on our test truck to ensure the best mileage and power. Installation time should take 2 to 5 hours depending on your experience (this includes removal of your existing fuel system). There is little to no fabrication required. This kit has been designed by us specifically for this application. Beware of other kits claiming the same using much smaller components which results in power loss!! We have customers running up to 185 H.P. on this kit! It is perfectly happy on a stock engine as well as a highly modified one.
Years ago we set out to convert our shop truck with a carbureted 22R engine in it. We quickly found out that the only parts available were for forklift engines. It is still that way today despite claims made otherwise. Since forklift conversions do not allow for good driveability we set out and designed our own kit. After designing a kit with the right sized components and adapters we did ours and some friends. This was many years before got started. This is the only 22R propane conversion kit specifically designed for a vehicle application. It has great performance as well as great efficiency.
There is little to no fabrication required.
We usually use about 5 to 6 gallons if we run the truck non-stop all day. This is rock crawling/ trail running, about 8 good ones! A typical day of normal trail riding uses about 4 gallons. There is no loss in power with these kits, only power gains!! These are legal for road use depending as long as your local emissions laws allow it.
The older 20R Engines require a carb base from a 22r and an adapter to mate it to the 20r intake manifold.

22RE Propane kits.
We now have a kit designed to use the E.F.I. engine. They are designed to run propane only. Lose that smashed up gas tank and poor drivability due to faulty sensors and old wiring and bad computer connections. It requires a carbureted distributor and ignition coil. It retains the stock intake manifold and throttle cables. It is designed to remove all of the EFI wiring and sensors related to gasoline, resulting in two wires required to power the engine! This engine runs flawlessly while also cleaning up the engine compartment substantially. No more messy engine with wiring, tubing, etc. all over the place. These kits are also test ran and tuned specifically for this application. This conversion is good for a stock or highly modified engine.

We usually use about 5 to 6 gallons if we run the truck non-stop all day. This is rock crawling/ trail running, about 8 good ones! A typical day of normal trail riding uses about 4 gallons. There is no loss in power with these kits, only power gains!! These are legal for road use depending as long as your local emissions laws allow it.

Note: These are not forklift kits! Don't be fooled by other companies selling kits that claim to be the same. Unfortunately this is not the truth. There are several very important differences that affect power and longevity. Forklift kits are equivalent to a small one barrel carburetor! We are the original designer of these conversion kits.

Price: $800 for the complete kit which includes tank brackets! If you don't need the tank brackets the cost is $770! Kit does not come with a tank. (has brackets for one tank). This is the price for both the 22R and 22RE kit. SHIPPING IS FREE ON THIS KIT!!
Possible Extras: Extra tank brackets available for $60
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4 Barrel Propane Conversion Kits.
IMPCO 425 Propane Conversion Kit on Chevy 350 Engine
Our 4 barrel propane conversion kits will fit any engine with a square bore intake pattern. This would be most any aftermarket intake manifold for Ford, Chevy, AMC, Dodge, etc. This is the same pattern as an Edelbrock or Holley carb. This is the kit recommended for all V6 and V8 engines. These kits are perfect on stock motors as well as engines producing up to a continuous 420hp.

The picture shows a top view of the propane carburetor on an engine without an air filter installed. You re-use your old air filter as it will bolt right on. This kit includes a brand new high performance billet throttle plate assembly and silicone mixer upgrades! These are all new IMPCO Carburetors and Regulators! This bolts on in place of your existing carburetor and is already set up for your vacuum advance. This kit includes everything you'll need to do it right the first time and has been upgraded internally from rubber to silicone parts, at least tripling the service life!

These kits are designed for vehicle use and offer excellent low to high range operation. These kits run extremely strong, and in many cases the engine makes more power. This kit bolts on in about 3 hours for the average home mechanic. Look for this kit to make a dramatic difference on your vehicle’s drivability and performance. This setup is extremely easy to tune and keeps it's tune maintenance free for many years at a time!

It works perfectly on stock and modified engines up to 420 H.P. motors as well.
This kit is street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it.

Beware of "cheaper" kits that do not have throttle plates and other important parts necessary to complete the project. Our pricing also reflects the silicone upgrades to the mixers. This is very important. We pre-assemble these as well as make some pre adjustments. We also add in the vacuum advance line so you can’t get it wrong. This ensures that things are right from the start!

Sale Price:-$950 with tank brackets! $920 without brackets. SHIPPING IS FREE ON THIS KIT!! This includes a brand new throttle plate assembly and silicone upgrades! This bolts on in place of your existing carburetor and is already setup for your vacuum advance. This price includes everything you'll need to do it right the first time. This kit has had the mixer upgraded internally from rubber to silicone parts, at least tripling the service life!
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One and Two barrel Jeep Propane Kit for carbureted Jeep 258,Ford 300,Chrysler slant six and others.

V8 applies to squarebore kit. We also have these kits available in Weber pattern as well as Holley 2 Barrel for the same price!!

Jeep 258 Straight Six 2 Barrel Propane Conversion Kit
We have the answer to carbureted engine problems! These kits are designed to fit 4 and 6 cyl 1 and 2 barrel applications. They are very simple and bolt on and tune very easily. Your engine will never stumble again because of fuel problems. These kits will run better than fuel injection. When was the last time you've seen a carbureted Jeep run right on a steep angle or idle properly? This kit will surprise you! You will not lose any power, in fact, we almost always get a report back about power gains!

1 and 2 Barrel 6 cyl.over 100 H.P.Price,$830 with tank bracket set! $800 without tank brackets.

4 Cylinder 1 barrel under 100H.P. Sale Price: $645 with tank bracket set, $615 without tank brackets.

Be aware that these kits are designed for a vehicle engine and are sized for power and economy. Be aware of other kits that use much smaller components which will hurt your power and performance!

4.0 KITS!!! EFI
We now have a straight propane kit to run the 4.0 motor. They are designed to run strictly on propane. You no longer need the wiring harness or sensors. You will need to put a distrubutor in from an earlier carbed motor to eliminate the computer. Easily retrofit that older Jeep now without the worries of wiring,fuel pumps,etc. This is designed to re use your stock intake manifold. If you are using an automatic transmission you will need a stand alone transmission controller. We recommend for this. These are not approved for emissions controlled vehicles.
Sale Price:$830 includes tank brackets, $800 without tank brackets
Note: does not include tank.

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Suzuki Samurai Propane Conversion Kits for 1.3 and 1.6 Liter 8 valve.
GotPropane Suzuki Samurai Propane Conversion Kit Engine
Suzuki Samurai 1.3 and 1.6 Propane Conversion Kit
This is the answer to Samurai carburetor problems. Our Suzuki Samurai Propane Kits are a dramatic improvement over the stock carburetor and aftermarket carburetors. The stock carb is too small to make good power, and even the best aftermarket carbs have problems. Our kit is the best of both worlds. It has the power of an aftermarket carb and excellent low-end power and drivability. This eliminates the need to swap to E.F.I., which is a major project and huge expense. This is a major improvement to these vehicles. This allows the removal of almost all of the vacuum lines, solenoids, etc. These will handle up to 100 H.P.! It comes with a K&N air filter and all internal components have been upgraded from rubber to silicone, easily doubling the service life of the equipment. This kit is tailor made for the Samurai engine and comes complete with all hoses, filters, fittings, a custom billet intake adapter,etc.. It is a complete replacement of the old carburetor. These also include a fuel pump block off plate and spring loaded throttle assembly as well as a valve cover breather filter. This kit is test ran and tuned specifically for the Samurai engine.
We must warn people about other kits for this engine that claim to be the same. The equipment is half the size of what we sell and does not offer good performance.
Our kits have a noticeable INCREASE in power after it is converted to propane!

Sale Price: - Sale Price $650 with tank bracket set. $620 without bracket set. This includes everything you need. SHIPPING IS FREE ON THIS KIT!! Note: tank not included.
Possible Extras: Extra tank brackets available for $60
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Dual Fuel Propane Kits for Carbureted V8 and V6 Engines.
Our Dual Fuel Propane conversion kit is for carbureted v8 and v6 motors using a standard 5 1/8 inch air cleaner opening (Most 2 and 4 barrel v6 and v8 motors) As well as carburetors with a 3 inch opening. They are designed to eliminate the need for a huge propane tank or worries about running low with a big motor. These are all mechanical systems with very little electronics. There is a switch that turns on either the propane solenoid or the gasoline solenoid. It works with either a mechanical fuel pump or an electric pump. This setup mounts directly on top of the old carburetor with a simple adapter. Keep in mind that this raises the profile by about 5 1/2 inches. The 3 inch carb adapter is 2.5 inches shorter. This kit does not tamper with any of the old emissions devices and is easily removable.
This kit is very popular for street conversions. It must be carbureted and local laws on smog vary from state to state. You would need to call your state to find out.
This is the same kit featured on Extreme 4X4 on the Spike channel.

These will handle up to 340 H.P.

These are NOT for late model, fuel injected motors. Carb only.
If you don't have smog, this is street legal.

Price: Sale price-$875 with tank mounting brackets,$845 without!

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Dual fuel kit on rat rod

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Powerblock Xtreme 4X4 T.V. show installing and running this kit
Toyota 22R Dual Fuel Propane Kits.

Weber Dual Fuel Propane Kits.

After much request we are proud to announce our dual fuel kit for the 22r Toyota motor. This is for carbureted versions only. It can switch between propane and gasoline at the flick of a switch. It installs and tunes very easily and does not interfere with existing vacuum/emissions equipment. There is very little modification done to the vehicle with this kit.
We have designed this kit specifically for this vehicle and there are many small details that make this kit flawless. This kit is purpose built to fit under the hood with no clearance issues with a one inch body spacer kit.

This kit will also fit the Weber carburetor and will work on any other vehicle with a Weber carburetor.
$1050 for kit, comes complete with tank brackets.
$1020 without tank brackets.

22r dual fuel kit
Mercedes Benz Unimog Propane Conversion.
Propane Powered Unimog by
Unimog Propane Conversion on intake manifold
unimog propane conversion kit
We now offer a complete kit designed specifically for the Unimog 6 cylinder engines. It is a direct bolt on replacement of the original gasoline carburetor. The kits bolt on in 2 to 4 hours. It includes all necessary hoses, fittings, adapters, and equipment.
Sale Price: $695 including tank bracket mounting set.
$665 without bracket set.

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Custom kits, farm equipment, industrial engines, engines over 40 h.p.
Give us a call on your seasonal equipment needs. In most cases we can supply a custom kit tailored to your needs within a week.
Dual Carburetor Propane Kit for High Horsepower Engines
high horsepower propane kit dual carb dual carburetor
high horsepower propane kit dual carb dual carburetor
This is our dual carb/single carb intake setup capable of 650H.P. Since propane is between 103 and 112 octane, you can do away with expensive race gas. When it is done properly, there is no loss of power. This is our specialty! They still idle and drive properly at low rpm's as well as full throttle. They don't use an accelerator pump so fuel consumption is low when cruising and when hitting the gas repeatedly.
Sale Price:-$1750 with FREE SHIPPING. includes everything but a tank and air filter setup.  
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All Kits
An installed fork lift Tank
All of our kits are designed to use forklift tanks, which come in 8 and 10 gallon sizes.These are not designed to be mounted underneath. The diameter of these tanks is 12 inches. A 8 gallon forklift tank is 27" long,a 10 gallon is about 6 " longer than that. All necessary parts to mount one tank are included in our kits. We recommend that you add a second set of brackets if you are planning to carry more than one tank. These tanks must be mounted in an open air environment.We do not sell conversions for cars and S.U.V's because there is no place to mount the tanks. All kits come with the necessary parts to do a basic conversion. All of our kits are also compatible with the permanently mounted motor fuel tanks. They are very expensive new, but can sometimes be found used for little money.


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22R Propane Conversion Kit on WeRock Buggy
22r Propane Conversion Kit
Designed specifically for the Toyota 22R engine! We have customers running up to 185 H.P. on this kit! It is perfectly happy on a stock engine as well as a highly modified one.
Nice custom truggy
Special Note About Tanks:

We offer forklift tanks! There are 2 sizes of forklift tanks: 8 and 10 gallon. Both use the same brackets. Steel-8 gallon $170, Steel-10 gallon $190, Aluminum-8 gallon $204, Aluminum-10 gallon $248. Each tank ships for a flat rate of $25. These tanks are all the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. We do not have tanks for cars and vehicles with enclosed trunk areas as well as S.U.V's. There is no safe place to put the tank!!

propane tank gotpropane conversion kit
All of our kits use upgraded silicone diaphrams and gaskets. We use only top quality components that will last for generations!
Each kit is designed and tested in house to ensure maximum performance,economy,reliability, ease of maintenance, and under hood fitment.

High performance Propane Conversion Kit on a Chevy 383 Stroker Motor IMPCO
High performance 4 Barrel kit on a Rat Rod as featured in the #14 issue of "Rat Rod Magazine"
Every kit comes with everything necessary to complete the conversion. Beware of other "kits" that leave out key safety devices and come with pieces still left for the customer to find or are undersized for your application. All of our kits come with the tank mounting brackets. When you add up missing parts and adapters, it can cost much more. Be aware that the cost of these kits reflects internal upgrades to the equipment that more than triples it's service life!

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Want to see our kits in action? Check out our video page!
GotPropane Propane Conversion Kit Rockcrawling
All of our kits are complete with everything needed to do a safe and clean installation. These kits include tank brackets, fuel filter,electric fuel solenoid,all hoses,clamps, Fuel lines,fittings, and most importantly ,the right adapter to your engine. Other "kits" leave these out and they can be expensive. A properly designed propane kit will last for 15 to 30 years without major problems. Our kits use all D.O.T. approved hoses and fittings which will ensure a safe and reliable system . Our kits are also designed to be in accordance with N.F.P.A. 58 government installation standards.If you have any questions about propane kits, feel free to call us.
Please do not call us about fuel injected vehicles. We do not have kits for those and don't know anyone who does.
These are best suited for off road vehicles and non-emissions carbureted street pick up trucks.









GotPropane Suzuki Samurai Propane Conversion Kit
Suzuki Samurai with a GotPropane Kit