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Dual Fuel Propane Kits
Dual fuel Propane kit on chevy 350 engine
Dual Fuel Propane Kits for Carbureted 2 and 4 Barrel V6 and V8 Engines
Our dual fuel kit is for carbureted Ford,Chevy,Dodge, etc...running either a v8 or v6 motor using a standard 5 1/8 inch or 3 inch air cleaner opening.(Most 2 and 4 barrel v6 and v8 motors) They are designed to eliminate the need for a huge propane tank or worries about running low with a big motor. These are all mechanical systems with very little electronics. There is a switch that turns on either the propane solenoid or the gasoline solenoid. This setup mounts directly on top of the old carb. Keep in mind that this raises the profile by about 5 1/2 inches. We also have a lower profile adapter that is 2 inches shorter. The 3" opening kit is the same height as the original air filter! This kit does not tamper with any of the old emissions devices or throttle linkages and is easily removable.
This kit is very popular for street conversions. It must be carbureted and local laws on smog vary from state to state. You would need to call your state to find out.
This is the same kit featured on Extreme 4X4 on the Spike channel.
These are designed to work with a mechanical fuel pump as well as an electric pump!

These will handle up to 320 H.P.

These are NOT for late model, fuel injected motors. Carb only.
If you don't have smog, this is street legal.

$1095 with tank brackets, $1065 without tank brackets

Dual fuel propane conversion kit on a Ford 360 FE by

  Dual Fuel Propane Conversion Kit
Dual fuel propane kit on a Chevy 350 with a used motorfuel tank mounted in the bed.
Petersen's 4Wheel and OffRoad magazine review of this kit
Powerblock Xtreme 4X4 T.V. show installing and running this kit
Dual Fuel Propane Conversion for Toyota 22R

After much request we are proud to announce our dual fuel kit for the 22r Toyota motor. This is for carbureted versions only. It can switch between propane and gasoline at the flick of a switch. It installs and tunes very easily and does not interfere with existing vacuum/emissions equipment. There is very little modification done to the vehicle with this kit.
This kit works with a Weber carb also.

Be aware of imitations! We are the designers of this kit and there are many small details that make this kit flawless.

Price: $1195 for the kit or $1120 for the kit without tank brackets

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Motorfuel Propane tank from wrecking yard installed
This customer sourced a used motorfuel tank from a wrecking yard.
Toyota Landcruiser with Chevy 350 running our dual fuel propane conversion
1974 Ford F100 with 360FE engine
1974 Ford F100 running our dual fuel propane kit on a 360 FE engine.