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Suzuki Samurai Propane Kits
Purplezuki from getting big air!!
Suzuki 1.3 and 1.6 8 valve propane kits.
This is the answer to Samurai carburetor problems. Our Suzuki Samurai Propane Kits are a dramatic improvement over the stock carburetor and aftermarket carburetors. The stock carb is too small to make good power, and even the best aftermarket carbs have problems. Our kit is the best of both worlds. It has the power of an aftermarket carb and excellent low-end power and drivability. This eliminates the need to swap to E.F.I., which is a major project and huge expense. This is a major improvement to these vehicles. This allows the removal of almost all of the vacuum lines, solenoids, etc.

This kit also bolts on the 1.6 8 valve engine. These will handle up to 100 H.P.! It comes with a K&N air filter. This kit is tailor made for the Samurai engine and comes complete with all hoses, filters, fittings, a custom billet intake adapter, etc. It is a complete replacement of the old carburetor. These also include a fuel pump block off plate and spring loaded throttle assembly as well as a valve cover breather filter. This kit is test ran and tuned specifically for the Samurai engine.

We must warn people about other kits for this engines that claim to be the same. The equipment is half the size of what we sell and does not offer good performance.

Sale Price: $795 with tank brackets, $765 without tank brackets

Comes with brackets for 1 tank. Note: tank not included.  
Suzuki Samurai GotPropane.Com Propane Conversion Kit Engine

Suzuki Samurai Propane Conversion
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"I've been running your kit on my samurai for almost a year and it has performed flawlessly. Of all the stuff on my rig, I think most people ask about propane conversion."
--Desert Runner


"I've had the samurai kit for almost 6 months...flawless"
--Valley Auto

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